Zero-Collateral Loans

Bringing Credit Industry into Decentralized Finance World Enabling Zero
Collateral Loans to everyone.

Testnet Launch Coming Soon

How it works?

Cross Chain Vision

One Score to rule them all

ZScore, A Decentralized credit score that represents behavior of user and backed by On-chain assets.

One Profile to know them all

Building cross-chain credit infrastructure by providing credit profiles to the users which act as decentralized identities containing users credit information.

One Reserve to bring them all

Credit Reserve - A protocol controlled value acting as a backbone of Zeru by backing all the Zero collateral loans.

In the Liquidity bind them all

Going cross-chain to create a unified liquidity across multiple blockchains forging a new way towards Future of endless possibilities.

DeFi Primitive for

Credit Infrastructure

Decentralized Identity

Your financial journey, simplified yet secured. Zeru's decentralized identity system collates comprehensive credit insights from Zeru and other Protocols, streamlining your financial footprint across the DeFi landscape.

Decentralized Identity
Decentralized Credit Score

Decentralized Credit Score

Empower your borrowing potential with innovation. Zeru's decentralized credit scoring mechanism leverages your on-chain assets and behaviors to craft a dynamic credit score. This score not only enhances your eligibility for zero collateral loans but also pioneers fairness in financial systems.

Backed by Credit Reserve

Redefining financial stability. Enter the world of Zeru, where the Credit Reserve forms the bedrock of zero collateral loans and Zscores. With every transaction, our protocol strengthens, providing steadfast protection for your financial ambitions.

Backed by Credit Reserve

NFT's are only for Art

We Don't Think So

NFTs can transform Decentralised Finance using Credit Delegation,
Providing A New Utility for NFTs

Credit Delegation

Using Zeru Smart Card

Get Instant Zero Collateral Loans


Zeru V1 Testnet Launch

Launching Zeru V1 into Arbitrum testnet
with Zero-Collateral loans, Zscore, Credit
Profiling, Credit Delegation

Zeru V1 Launch

Launching Zeru V1 into
Arbitrum with Reward Token

Zeru V2 Testnet Launch

Launching Zeru V2 in Arbitrum testnet with Cross-Chain
capabilities such as Unified liquidity, Cross-Chain
Credit Infrastructure, Yield generation using Credit
Reserve and many more

Zeru V2 Launch with Zeru Token

Launching Zeru V2 into the Arbitrum with ZERU Native
Token with Governance.


Partner with us! Let’s grow together.

Governed by the Community

Zeru will be fully Decentralized, Community governed protocol.

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